Brainpull for Salati Preziosi: the new pack awarded at the Marca 2020
24 January 2020

Brainpull for Salati Preziosi: the new pack awarded at the Marca 2020

The first plastic-free potato crisps' pack is signed Brainpull. And it won a Marca 2020 award

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The new packaging is of 100% compostable, made by Brainpull's packaging department, won the ADI Packaging Design Award for Marca 2020.

Salati Preziosi calls, Brainpull replies: for the launch of the new 100% compostable pack of the Casereccia line, the packaging department has created the graphic look of the first plastic-free pack for crisps. The pack of the Casereccia Salati Preziosi line is a revolution because it can be recycled in the wet and organic waste, becoming compost after only 3 months, therefore a fertilizer useful for agriculture.


The graphics of the new plastic-free pack of Casereccia was created by the Brainpull packaging department, and previewed at the MARCA in Bologna (15-16 January 2020), an event during which the packaging was awarded the important recognition of the ADI Packaging Design Awards 2020 in the Food category: an award that - as stated in the official note drawn up by the commission -

Recognizes the research and communication that enhances the choice of developing a completely compostable product after only 3 months.

ADI Association for Industrial Design

The entire project was divided into several phases thanks to the support of Brainpull, who carried out a market analysis through a package testing survey involving a first Focus Group with 80 participants called to select the 2 best packs among all those presented; An online survey was then published in which more than 1000 users took part, called to choose the graphic layout of the new Casereccia.

To find out more about the Casereccia potato chip and its brand new 100% compostable pack, visit the website.