#MILANONONSIFERMA: behind the scenes of the most shared video in Italy

#MILANONONSIFERMA: behind the scenes of the most shared video in Italy

The iconic video by Brainpull from the Union of Italian Catering Brands in Milan

Spot Milano non si ferma

A video campaign made in Brainpull

This symbolic video has been online since yesterday evening and it symbolises the appeal from the Union Catering Brands in Milan and its citizens to react and to support the community by continuing a normal life. The campaign was conceived, created and launched by Brainpull, with a video produced in less than 24h...it immediately went viral.
#Milanonosiferma: we are using this hashtag on thousands of social profiles, accompanied by a very strong message.

Milan is the most courageous city in Italy. A jungle of businesses and daily challenges. Here we perform miracles. Everyday. Because we are not afraid. We don't stop!

Milan does not stop, just as Turin, Florence, Rome, Codogno and the whole of Italy do not stop.
We have sent a very strong message, that it was immediately shared without hesitation by prominent personalities and important politicians, including Mayor Beppe Sala and Senator Matteo Renzi and by all the newspapers including Repubblica, Il Corriere and Il Giorno, becoming the leitmotiv of the reaction that is shaking the city.

Keeping the premises open and promoters of initiatives to bring Milan back to its hustle and bustle was the goal for which more than 100 Milanese restaurant brands came together and, putting together their forces, they managed to collect thousands of euros which will be donated as support economic to health associations and voluntary forces in the field.