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#MILANONONSIFERMA: behind the scenes of the most shared video in Italy

Brainpull has recently created a video #Milanononsiferma and it is now the symbol of the appeal of the Union of Italian Catering Brands in Milan.

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This symbolic video has been online since yesterday evening and it symbolises the appeal from the Union Catering Brands in Milan and its citizens to react and to support the community by continuing a normal life. The campaign was conceived, created and launched by Brainpull, with a video produced in less than 24h...it immediately went viral. #Milanonosiferma: we are using this hashtag on thousands of social profiles, accompanied by a very strong message.Milan is the most courageous city in Italy. A jungle of businesses and daily challenges. Here we perform miracles. Everyday. Because we are not afraid. We don't stop!Milan does not stop, just as Turin, Florence, Rome, Codogno and the whole of Italy do not stop.We have sent a very strong message, that it was immediately shared without hesitation by prominent personalities and important politicians, including Mayor Beppe Sala and Senator Matteo Renzi and by all the newspapers including Repubblica, Il Corriere and Il Giorno, becoming the leitmotiv of the reaction that is shaking the city.Keeping the premises open and promoters of initiatives to bring Milan back to its hustle and bustle was the goal for which more than 100 Milanese restaurant brands came together and, putting together their forces, they managed to collect thousands of euros which will be donated as support economic to health associations and voluntary forces in the field. 


24 January 2020

Brainpull for Salati Preziosi: the new pack awarded at the Marca 2020

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The new packaging is of 100% compostable, made by Brainpull's packaging department, won the ADI Packaging Design Award for Marca 2020.Salati Preziosi calls, Brainpull replies: for the launch of the new 100% compostable pack of the Casereccia line, the packaging department has created the graphic look of the first plastic-free pack for crisps. The pack of the Casereccia Salati Preziosi line is a revolution because it can be recycled in the wet and organic waste, becoming compost after only 3 months, therefore a fertilizer useful for agriculture. A NEW LIFE, WITH A CERTAIN STYLEThe graphics of the new plastic-free pack of Casereccia was created by the Brainpull packaging department, and previewed at the MARCA in Bologna (15-16 January 2020), an event during which the packaging was awarded the important recognition of the ADI Packaging Design Awards 2020 in the Food category: an award that - as stated in the official note drawn up by the commission -Recognizes the research and communication that enhances the choice of developing a completely compostable product after only 3 months.ADI Association for Industrial DesignThe entire project was divided into several phases thanks to the support of Brainpull, who carried out a market analysis through a package testing survey involving a first Focus Group with 80 participants called to select the 2 best packs among all those presented; An online survey was then published in which more than 1000 users took part, called to choose the graphic layout of the new Casereccia.To find out more about the Casereccia potato chip and its brand new 100% compostable pack, visit the website. 

9 April 2019

Piquadro For Lamborghini, High-Speed Collaboration

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For us at Brainpull, a strong collaboration is determined by the flash sale of Piquadro for Automobili Lamborghini backpacks: 63 backpacks sold in 2 hours, 50 minutes and 46 seconds, over 15 million impressions developed, 54 thousand clicks on the website, 5 million users reached, 63 thousand interactions and a ROAS of 3.High-speed, like the regimes, followed to convert the campaign into the sale of 63 backpacks, like the year of the foundation of Automobili Lamborghini, designed to celebrate the presentation of the new Aventador SVJ Roadster and Huracan Evo Spyder at the Geneva Motor Show.The entire advertising strategy supporting the Piquadro for Automobili Lamborghini campaign, outlined by Brainpull was based on an in-depth analysis of Piquadro's contacts: its conversion strategy was structured on these contacts.The effect of this choice was a strong response generated by the lead-oriented strategy for the Piquadro brand.Analyzing the Piquadro data, we divided the audience into 3 macro-areas, in order to intercept what we could define as brand lovers and/or public derivative users.The strategy was divided into 2 main moments: "teaser phase", the goal was to maximize the content reach, reaching the largest number of target users, and the "reveal phase", with the aim of increasing traffic to the landing page dedicated and the number of users registered on the waiting list.At high-speed, once again, a well-made marketing strategy has hit the mark, identifying lovers of the two brands and leading them to purchase a unique object.The results of a rare collaboration.

29 November 2018

Christmas will no longer be the same, welcome Pancapocollo!

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In 2017, Brainpull and Salumificio Santoro began their collaboration made up of a lot of ideas and cured meats.If you don't know Salumificio Santoro di Cisternino, we can tell you that it produces various types of cured meats in the Itria Valley (bacon, pork cheeks, stirrup salami, and many others, but we do not want to distract you, so please pay attention!). One above all, however, is the object of the deepest desire: the Capocollo of Martina Franca, comparable to heaven.The Capocollo of Martina Franca is the main character of this Christmas. And in Santorine, Angela and Micaela Santoro' s opinions "This Christmas will never be the same again". Why?PANCAPOCOLLO, GENIUS AND CHRISTMAS GOODNESSFrom one side we have one idea, from the other we have enthusiasm...let's add their skills:  from the meeting between Santoro and Lenti originates Pancapocollo, Panettone with Capocollo from Martina Franca.Giuseppe Santoro and Piero CaramiaPancapocollo, a creation so good, so incredible, that we are still wondering how we have done so far without it.Pancapocollo - Panettone with Capocollo from Martina Franca emerges from the union of two masteries, that of the butchers Giuseppe Santoro and Piero Caramia and that of the Pregiata Forneria Lenti in Grottaglie.Yes, you read that right, panettone al capocollo.Tradition meets the flash: egg yolks, butter, honey (Miele di Sulla), candied orange paste and the irreplaceable natural rising combine with the smoked capocollo with the bark of fragno and almond husk, an unprecedented but always soft Christmas and to be enjoyed lukewarm (following the advice of the master Giuseppe Santoro).Brainpull is now definitely hungry, but above all proud to continue to follow this project and to support the Salumificio Santoro, the heart of Puglia and a box of excellence that leaves no replicas. In less than 24 hours, newspapers, national radios, social profiles, everyone spoke of Pancapocollo as the unexpected novelty of this Christmas 2018. How to blame them?Santorine, we are waiting for our Pancapocollo wagon!

28 May 2018

Pescaria goes plastic free: how about if we said stop to plastic?

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REDUCE DISPOSABLE PLASTIC AND CHOOSE TO PROTECT THE PLANET, ALL TOGETHER YOU CAN!Sea pollution and tons of waste left on the beaches. What can we do to reverse this and protect the environment? Pescaria has an idea in mind! Follow us.IS THERE MORE FISH OR PLASTIC IN THE SEA?Sea pollution is a huge danger for the entire planet and a high risk that could lead to a drastic decrease in fish production. In 2050, there will be more plastic than fish at sea. The staggering data are those of the study "The new plastics economy - Rethinking the future of plastics", a 2016 report published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.The Mariana Trench, in the Pacific Ocean, is one of the most inaccessible points in the world, yet plastic and noise pollution have also arrived there (at 11 thousand meters deep), another danger for our marine fauna. During one of the most recent research, the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has built and left special microphones, hydrophones, on the bottom of the pit for three weeks. What these microphones have recorded is truly incredible.WHAT IS IN THE ITALIAN SEA?620 waste every 100 meters of beach: the Legambiente Beach Litter 2018 survey was carried out on the occasion of Spiagge e Fondali Puliti, an initiative that Pescaria also joined by collecting funds and realizing the dream of cleaning a part of the seabed on the coast of Polignano.Watch the video of the recovery operations.What can we do to save the sea?Today, reducing the use of disposable plastic must be one of our main objectives. On May 28, 2018, the European Union introduced new rules against disposable products, by banning, among others, straws, balloon poles and cotton swabs.This is happening: fishing plastic"Suchitwa Sagaram" or Clean Sea is the initiative promoted by the Minister of Fisheries of Kerala, along the southern coast of India. To cope with the emergency of marine water pollution (in a country where fishing is the main livelihood), fishermen began to collect and bring plastic waste to shore, safeguarding the ecosystem that supports their same job.So far, Indian fishermen have removed 10 tons of plastic bags and bottles, along with 15 tons of abandoned nets and ropes.Johnson Premkumar, program managerWhat if we became "guardians of the sea" as well? Discover the indications and tips to become a #oceanhero.DO WE REALLY NEED ALL THIS PLASTIC?Straight answer: no. This is why Pescaria has decided to set a big, huge but not impossible goal: to completely eliminate the use of plastic between now and six months.For us at Pescaria, cooking is much more than a profession. It's a mission, it's our role in society. We love the sea, and today our duty is to protect it.We can give the sea an opportunity, and we can still do something to save it.With Pescaria we have something revolutionary in mind and we want to tell you about it, step by step. Would you like to clean the sea with us?

21 February 2018

Pescaria - Included In Facebook’s Earning Calls

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Facebook number 2 mentions Pescaria in Menlo Park's internal quarterly reports for its virtuous activity on the platform: the results of the strategy devised by Brainpull have amazed Facebook's upper floors so much that Polignano's fast food is included in the Earning Calls.But what does Earning call mean?Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, during the company's quarterly reports, the Earning Calls, underlined the example of Pescaria and its virtuous use of the social platform by focusing on the results obtained precisely from this social strategy created by Brainpull for Pescaria: l 80% of customers who arrived at their store in Polignano, discovered Pescaria through Facebook.I also met Domingo from Pescaria, a restaurant in Southern Italy that uses Facebook and Instagram to connect with customers. 80% of their diners - and 70% of their revenue - come from Facebook. They opened their second restaurant and now employ more than 60 people.Sheryl Sandberg, COO FacebookWhy exactly Pescaria? The numbers2 points of sale and 65 new jobs in just over 2 years: these are the data that hit Sheryl Sandberg who met the co-founder of Pescaria Domingo Iudice at the Gather, the Facebook event for the best SMEs in Italy, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.By using a communication strategy focused entirely on the use of Facebook and Instagram, Pescaria is today among the leading restaurants in Italy by number of Instagram followers: with an average of 500 customers per store, it is among the most successful Fast Food Made experiments in Italy.A beautiful success story, or rather a one-story, which ties the roots to the Apulian territory, from that 25 May 2015 when, in a small street in the historic centre of Polignano a Mare in Puglia, Bartolo L'Abbate (fisherman and fish merchant ), Domingo Iudice (marketing director) and Lucio Mele (chef) started this adventure.With many years of experience behind them: Bartolo L'Abbate and its Pescheria Lo Scoglio, a pioneer in reinventing a restaurant-sized fish shop, Lucio Mele, Michelin BIB Gourmand at the age of 32 and with a stellar path between the kitchens of Iaccarino and Sadler, Domingo Iudice, co-founder and marketing director of Brainpull, an Apulian marketing agency that has grown in a very short time and continues to grow, closes the loop. 

3 January 2017

Pescaria gets its sky award for best promotional video

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On 12 December, the Opening video of Pescaria received the Sky prize for the best promotional video from the famous sector magazine Bargiornale. The award was collected by two members of the Brainpull team during the 2016 Barawards gala held at the Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.The conception, production, direction, and editing of the video were handled by Brainpull, a marketing agency that runs between Bari and Milan, already the creator of the communication format of Pescaria.Lucio Mele's opening video brings the applause and the vote of the magazine home, in particular for having reinterpreted the classic concept of a video recipe for promotional purposes. Great importance was given to the intelligent choice of direction, not merely descriptive, but ready to move.Rewarded the wise use of colours, consistent with the format of Pescaria and the choice of music, perfect support to bring the user to feel part of this video. Not only that, the personality and image of chef Lucio Mele were also highly appreciated.Here the video awarded by Bargiornale edited by the Brainpull video team. 

9 May 2016

Brainpull And Facebook United To Create An Innovative Advertising Strategy

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Last weekend, Brainpull had the pleasure of collaborating with the Facebook Creative Team, represented by Geneva and Lewis, in our Conversano office to improve and implement an advertising strategy aimed to pursue creative ideas for the export of the Pescaria brand in Milan.In order to communicate in a smart and innovative way the reality and values of Pescaria through the Facebook Adv tools,  Brainpull video department and the Facebook Creative Team have joined forces to create a video that uniquely represents the key concepts of the format food and wine Pescaria, whose story was told directly by Facebook Italia as a success story.At the center of the video, you will be able to see the founding values of Pescaria: the use of fresh fish and the best products of the Apulian territory, the deep bond with the sea and the inimitable glimpses of Polignano a Mare, the passion and the quality of the food that has always distinguished Pescaria and will soon arrive in Milan.A profitable and teeming meeting, therefore, with the Facebook Creative Team, which also led to new interesting ideas for Pescaria's Facebook campaigns, which we can't wait to show you.Stay tuned! 

3 February 2016

False reviews, Pescaria on “Striscia la Notizia”

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On Tueday 2 February, our marketing director and co-founder of Pescaria, Domingo Iudice has been interview by Pinuccio, a television reporter from Striscia la Notizia because of some negative reviews on Tripadvisor. During the interview, also Chef Lucio Mele and Antonello Magista', owner of the starred restaurant Il Pasha' in Conversano were involved. 

9 September 2015

Facebook success case: Pescaria and Brainpull here!

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Behind every success story, there is always a lot of commitment and a lot of dedication... Especially someone who really believes in it.Brainpull did it from the first moment, investing time, energy and "sweat" not to sleep at night or forget how summer feels. The success of Pescaria, teaches that today's generation of young people "the so-called 2.0 generation", busy on their phones and social addicted, know how to create something interesting.Pescaria's success also teaches how in 2015 you can sell tons, only with a Facebook page, investing in unconventional advertising and going beyond concepts and assumptions of ancestral communicators.The story of Pescaria, narrated as a Succes Case Facebook, has a lot to say: with desire, study, humility and a lot of patience, you can really build something!