Christmas will no longer be the same, welcome Pancapocollo!
29 November 2018

Christmas will no longer be the same, welcome Pancapocollo!

Who is Salumificio Santoro?

Panettone al Capocollo di Salumificio Santoro

In 2017, Brainpull and Salumificio Santoro began their collaboration made up of a lot of ideas and cured meats.

If you don't know Salumificio Santoro di Cisternino, we can tell you that it produces various types of cured meats in the Itria Valley (bacon, pork cheeks, stirrup salami, and many others, but we do not want to distract you, so please pay attention!). One above all, however, is the object of the deepest desire: the Capocollo of Martina Franca, comparable to heaven.
The Capocollo of Martina Franca is the main character of this Christmas. And in Santorine, Angela and Micaela Santoro' s opinions "This Christmas will never be the same again". Why?


From one side we have one idea, from the other we have enthusiasm...let's add their skills:  from the meeting between Santoro and Lenti originates Pancapocollo, Panettone with Capocollo from Martina Franca.

Giuseppe Santoro and Piero Caramia

Pancapocollo, a creation so good, so incredible, that we are still wondering how we have done so far without it.

Pancapocollo - Panettone with Capocollo from Martina Franca emerges from the union of two masteries, that of the butchers Giuseppe Santoro and Piero Caramia and that of the Pregiata Forneria Lenti in Grottaglie.

Yes, you read that right, panettone al capocollo.
Tradition meets the flash: egg yolks, butter, honey (Miele di Sulla), candied orange paste and the irreplaceable natural rising combine with the smoked capocollo with the bark of fragno and almond husk, an unprecedented but always soft Christmas and to be enjoyed lukewarm (following the advice of the master Giuseppe Santoro).

Brainpull is now definitely hungry, but above all proud to continue to follow this project and to support the Salumificio Santoro, the heart of Puglia and a box of excellence that leaves no replicas. In less than 24 hours, newspapers, national radios, social profiles, everyone spoke of Pancapocollo as the unexpected novelty of this Christmas 2018. How to blame them?

Santorine, we are waiting for our Pancapocollo wagon!