An exceptional made in Italy

Young Vintage Brand

Handle with Care. This was the first thought we had and we started thinking about the perfect and fitting strategy for The Bridge. Rediscover and continue to make a brand flourish continuously, without distorting it, allowing it to travel the world and maintain a high level of Italian craftsmanship.

The Bridge leather bag
The Bridge light brown bag
The Bridge dark brown handbag
The Bridge red bag
The Bridge handcrafted leather bag

Where do we want to go?

In the mirror

The beauty of the strategy is all here, in the repositioning of the brand on social networks, on targeted campaigns and on the choice of an appropriate tone of voice: proud words that reflect a brand that is sure of what it does, what it is and what it doesn't need to demonstrate, because its essence is in all its artisan and wise creation.

The Bridge gold and red bag
Black Friday promotional content for The Bridge
The Bridge IG stories example
Cyber Monday promotional content for The Bridge

Nice to see

Shooting, Thanks!

Completing a tailored tone of voice,  sewn on The Bridge, our Video and Photo departments covered the brand with a dreamlike and at the same time concrete image. Returning to the sender an accurate and distinctive look, this was our goal, this is what has happened and continues to happen.

The Bridge women's bags
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The Bridge Firenze dark brown bag