First steps of internationality

global marketing

Piquadro needed to confirm its internationality, to make the brand known as much as possible and to give it a voice that could be understood, appreciated and followed by everyone. Piquadro is the Italian brand in the world. Our strategy has taken the first steps precisely from this need, which still adds up the common thread of the collaboration between us and the brand.

Grey Piquadro backpack
Blue Piquadro backpack
Piquadro backpacks
Women's Piquadro backpack
Brown Piquadro shoulder strap

Everyone wants a Piquadro backpack

Social Revolution

We took the social image of Piquadro and made it dynamic, innovative and at the same time real: through global profiles, we spoke to the world of technology and materials used by Piquadro. Our ADV department has activated digital campaigns capable of attracting users, win them over and retain them with the help of a notification-proof Social Media CRM.

Piquadro backpack's details
Piquadro and Lamborghini campaign
Milan backpack
Piquadro Instagram content

Playing with picturesi

content, not only container 

Video clips, institutional videos and photoshoots are just the tip of the iceberg of the set of contents that our video and photo department produced for the Piquadro project. Interactivity, colours and a series of images that made Piquadro's image the one that Brainpull had set itself: global.

Piquadro suitcase