Cisternino rules!

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Cured meats like you've never seen them before our photo and video editors have put the classic cutting boards in the cellar to present cured meats with their patterns, photos of seasonal and fresh recipes, colourful and lively settings that narrate the authentic Puglia. The products have been associated with a glamorous packaging and with each post a social strategy aimed for the brand awareness.

Capocollo of Martina Franca
Paper wrapped capocollo of Martina Franca
Plate of cured meats_v1
Plate of cured meats_v2
Plate of cured meats_v2

Sequin and capocollo

In the mirror

A group of nerdy programmers has developed the Salumificio's website and e-commerce, thanks to a targeted creative direction with a promotional launch, News lettering & Marketing Automation management.

Salumificio Santoro website
Promotional video spot for Salumificio Santoro

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ok google, tell me about capocollo

As soon as you ask Google, it will find differences between coppa and capocollo, or even the perfect formula for combining wines and salami... or all those other things that will wake up in the middle of the night just to eat a whole ham! (we gathered this from our articles and insights).
Articles and insights from the Salumificio Santoro website: here's what Google finds on the front page when you look for the difference between coppa and capocollo or the perfect formula for combining wines and salami, and all those other things that will make you come up with an incredible desire to eat a whole ham (at night). For Salumificio Santoro we have created article marketing contents supported by photos and videos to launch the organic traffic of the site without a glimmer of hope!

Oh my capocollo