It's just a fish sandwich

Do we set up a brand?

Puglia, 2015: three professionals decide to open a fish bar directly involving users on Facebook in the months before the opening: the name itself, Pescaria, is an idea of one of the people who participated in a survey on social media. The Brainpull team thought of "everything else", with one hand on graphic identity, social strategies, videos, photos, adv and with the other on sandwiches and fries. But only to give a technical opinion, of course.

Top of the class

Watch Mark, without using his hands (more or less)

Pescaria is the first Italian company to be included in the quarterly reports drawn up by Facebook's top management, the Earnings Call, as a case study for the use of the platform. According to Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and number 2 of the Zuckerberg company, Pescaria has given value to the local economy by creating jobs.

Chefs and campaigns

Transform stones into meteor

There's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip, amongst personalized and double public there is an entire department: reaching our greatest number of people was one of our first objectives. A social word of mouth powered by killer content with high media impact and an editorial plan as rich and full as a Pescaria sandwich. We have not yet figured out...who came first? The chef or the digital advertising specialist?