Which journal do you use?

If it is funny, it also because of Brainpull

In front of us, the best-known journal by the boys, Comix, is a great challenge: we need to increase the performance of the campaigns through creative content in full agreement with the editorial planning already foreseen by the brand. In short, act well, act in the shadows and score goals!

Comix orange backpack, diary and pencil case
Comix Flash diary 2020
Comix blue diary, backpack and pencil case
Marketing campaign #prendicomix
Instagram content for Comix diaries

Jokes from thousands of followers

What a desire to go back to school!

Our adventure begins by shaping content and language based on the platform. Facebook has been perfect to showcase and describe the Comix products; Instagram has been ideal for posts with product tags (highly significant tool given the ability to inform the user of all the characteristics of the chosen product and allow him/her to buy it).

Comix red diary 2020

Nobody can leave Google in the corner

Impression stories and other results

The Instastories channel, once again, proved to be the best resource for promotion. Taking full advantage of the allowed tools, animated stories, gifs, stickers and "Swipe Up", 3.8 million users were reached, through the sponsorship of Comix videos on Facebook and Instagram, we gathered an average of 186 thousand views. Special mention goes to Google and its campaigns: through the activation of search and display campaigns with content created ad hoc, the number of impressions has grown to 559 thousand.

Digital advertising campaign for Comix
Comix moodboard