Give history a name

Stronger than a Rustichella

It is not always easy to deal with a brand like Autogrill, especially when you have been asked to work on the naming of new products, intended to become as famous as the famous Rustichella. The situation becomes more complicated if in addition to naming, it is necessary to create a new graphic and photographic style around this product. We simply did it and it felt amazing!

Autogrill's rustichella
Strawberry croissant
Autogrill's first courses
Autogrill's fruit menu
Autogrill's menu with nachos, roasted chicken and beer

A new crunchiness in Milan

Autogrill's friends are also our friends

When Renato Bosco and his pizza call, Brainpull answers. In collaboration with the Autogrill team, our Social, Advertising, Graphic Design, Copywriting and Development team came together in the new Justice League of Saporè. They have organized the opening event at the Mercato del Duomo in Milan, created a landing page and made people feel on social media the voice of a new crispness in Milan, all signed by Renato Bosco.

Renato Bosco's pizza recipe for Autogrill
Chocolate with cream