Crispy design

Building love for crisps

How are we able to create an image with crunchiness and a potato chip? How to talk about a potato chip without being taken for granted? Our marketing department in collaboration with our graphic designers have built a real visual and literal language from scratch that can make the brand recognizable and leave it persistent in the user's memory.

Potato chips and organic traffic

Website and article marketing, always higher

Animations, illustrations, and many words written ad hoc: we have created around the brand an armour of graphic, photographic and textual content, able to define it and bring it to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages. An intense work of article marketing in the blog has allowed the site to dramatically increase organic traffic, one of the first results of Unbranded searches in targets otherwise unattainable.

I see chips everywhere

Be simple

Our Social Department together with the Advertising team, certainly driven by the monthly supply of chips of all kinds, have created an editorial plan on multiple channels capable of making Salati Preziosi communicate as a brand close to young people and institutional at the same time. Video clips, photoshoots, and Still Life did the rest, bringing Salati Preziosi from 0 to 22 thousand followers in a short time.