12 ounces of energy

The American Coffee, the real one

Is it possible for Italians to love American coffee? Yes, if it is 12oz
It has been a challenging task for Brainpull. And we love being challenged! We took 12oz Coffee and gave the chain a catchy look, attractive to the teenage world, but at the same time appealing to professionals who love a good coffee in a safe haven, where to eat tasty desserts or to take an American-style break.

How this coffee flies

last night 12oz saved my life

We added more colours to the web for 12oz. We wanted a website that makes you shout America in your mind, as soon as you click on it: every blog article is full of curiosity with a lot of research, also thanks to the hArticle Marketing activity tat has increased traffic organic on Query Unbranded. Every creativity, every animation, every graphic, everything aims to a constantly growing Brand Awareness.

I can definitely tell you, it's yo

Great photo, Great coffee

We laughed, we smiled. Our Photo and Video department captured the best of the city, the chaos, the hectic life, the habits of young people. Final results? Irreverent and energetic.